In 2017, VIPULAMATI is producing two festivals:
We also supported the catalogue of the art exhibition from artist NELSON CARDOSO at Ermida de Belém in March.
VIPULAMATI will produce lectures and cooking classes by
acclaimed Ayurveda doctor Dr. VINOD VERMA in April in Lisboa.

VIPULAMATI is supporting the developments of Club Of The Knobs synthesizers at the NAMM SHOW 2015 in Anaheim/USA.
The professional fair for musical instruments and music in Anaheim attracts visitors worldwide. Our research team "Club Of The Knobs" is invited by AVALON INDUSTRIES to present their latest developments at their booth.
see here:
VIPULAMATI supported the festival POSTHUMAN CORPOREALITIES in 2014. See here:

VIPULAMARI co-produced the concert of KAZIKE/OrangoTango at Panteão Nacional in Lisbon in August 2013.
See here:

VIPULAMATI co-produces the film festival "TEMPS D'IMAGES PRÉMIOS DE CINEMA para FILMES SOBRE ARTE" since 2008. It succeeded to have extensions of the festival in SANTANDER CULTURAL, Brazil in 2013 and FORTALEZA DE SAGRES in 2014.
Have a look at the festival here:

VIPULAMATI is supporting the development of Club Of The Knobs synthesizers at the Frankfurt Music Fair 2011.
The world's biggest fair for musical instruments and music in Frankfurt/M., Germany, has been visited by millions of international music professionals over the years. We have decided to publish and present the latest developments of our research team "Club Of The Knobs" which is working on analogue sound creation since seven years by participating at the fair. It will take place April 6th until April 9th, 2011.

The "POWER GAME" of famous artist Liliane Lijn will be taking place in Lisboa in 2011.
Staged already in 1974 in ICA, London and continued to happen in various, well-known artistic places since then, VIPULAMATI will bring this breath-taking performance/event to Portugal! Liliane Lijn will invite the public and selected persons to play the Power Game and gamble for values...
Prepare yourself here:

Media Archive of important artist and philosopher Bazon Brock under development with VIPULAMATI.
More than 1000 hours of video and audio recordings from around 35 years have been given to Vipulamati in order to create a digital archive with an intelligent database system. Vipulamati's long experiences in media design and content creation are of great help to this project which is expected to be finished by the middle of 2011.

Video Archive of dancer TARIKA VALLI with more than 30 choreographies taught to her by her Indian dance teacher U.S. Krishna Rao will be produced by VIPULAMATI.
Tarika Valli is maybe the last dancer of classical Indian dance called Bharatanatyam who still "incorporates" about 33 compositions from an old dance style from the area of Hyderabad. She decided to record them to video in order to store the compositions and save them for future researcher or dancers. Vipulamati will support this project with technical equipment, concept and editors.